John Kinsella, a Select Bibliography

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  • The Frozen Sea (Zeppelin Press, 1983)

  • Night Parrots (Freemantle Arts Centre Pressm 1989)

  • The Book of Two Faces (PICA, Perth, 1989)

  • Poems - John Kinsella and Philip Salom, Folio, 1991

  • Ultramarine - John Kinsella and Anthony Lawrence, Folio, 1992

  • Eschatologies (Freemantle Arts Centre Press, 1991)

  • Full Fathom Five (Freemantel Arts Centre Press, 1993)

  • Syzygy (Freemantle Arts Centre Press, 1993)

  • Erratum/Frame(d) (Folio/Freemantle Centre Press, 1995)

  • Intensities of Blue - John Kinsella and Tracy Ryan, Folio, 1995

  • The Silo: A Pastoral Symphony (Freemantle Arts Centre, 1995; Arc, 1997)

  • The Radnoti Poems (Equipage, Jesus College, Cambridge, 1996)

  • The Undertow: New and Selected Poems (Arc, UK, 1996)

  • Lightning Tree (Freemantle Arts Centre Press,, 1996)

  • Graphology (Equipage, Jesus College, Cambridge, 1997)

  • Poems 1980-1994 (Freemantle Arts Centre Press, 1997; Bloodaxe, 1998)

  • voice-overs (with Susan Schultz; Tinfish Network, Hawaii, 1997)

  • The Hunt (Bloodaxe, UK, 1998; FACP, 1998)

  • Kangaroo Virus (with Ron Sims; FACP/Folio, 1998)

  • Sheep Dip (Wild Honey Press, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, 1998)

  • Pine - poems by John Kinsella and Keston Sutherland, Folio (Salt), 1998

  • alterity: poems without tom raworth (x-poezie, new york/prague) 1998

  • The Benefaction (Equipage, 1999)

  • Fenland Pastorals (Prest Roots Press, Warwickshire, UK, 1999)

  • Visitants (Bloodaxe, 1999)

  • Counter-Pastorals (Vagabond Press, Sydney, 1999)

  • Wheatlands (with Dorothy Hewett; FACP, 2000)

  • Zone e-matters and FACP, 2000

  • Zoo (with Coral Hull; Paperbark, 2000)

  • The Hierarchy of Sheep (Bloodaxe 2000; FACP, 2001)

  • Speed Factory, (with Bernard Cohen, McKenzie Wark, and Terri-ann White, Freemantle Arts Centre Press, 2002)

  • Rivers (with Peter Porter and Sean O'Brien, Freemantle Arts Centre Press, 2002)

  • Lighting Tree (Todmorden, Lancs: Arc, 2003)

  • Divinations: Four Plays (Cambridge; Salt, 2003)

  • Peripheral Light: Selected and New Poems (W.W. Norton & Co., 2004)

  • Doppler Effect (Salt, 2004)


  • Genre (FACP, 1997)

  • Grappling Eros (FACP, 1998)


  • Lines of Sight (with Tracy Ryan) - Folio (Salt), 1997


  • Crop Circles Marlowe Society, Cambridge 1998.

  • Paydirt

  • The Wasps


  • Biography of Dorothy Hewett (FACP) [with Tracy Ryan]

  • Headjob (conversations between John Kinsella and McKenzie Wark; Pluto Press, 2000)

  • Erratum/Frame(d) and other poems Roof, 2001

  • AUTO (prose; FACP, 2001; serialised in the Cortland Review)

  • Post-Colonial a novel (FACP 2001/2)

  • D & G Urs Jaeggi and John Kinsella (with an introduction by Ian Buchanan) Salt Publishing (2001)

    Articles and Essays

  • American Book Review edited by Rochelle Ratner & John Tytell, Unit for Contemporary Literature, Campus Box 4241, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois, 61790-4241 - "The Newer Australian Poetry" (1997)

  • Australian Art Monthly edited by Peter Timms, Melbourne - "Public Spaces, Private Discourse" (1996)

  • Artes edited by Gunnar Harding and Bengt Jangfeldt, C/- Musikaliska Akademien, Blasieholmstorg 8, S-III 48 Stockholm Sweden - On Les Murray (Vol IV, 1998) - On Dorothy Hewett (Vol IV, 1998) - A Brief Poetics (Vol IV, 1998) - An International Avant-garde in Poetry (solicited)

  • Australian Book Review (The National Book Council) edited by Helen Daniel, Suite 3, 21 Drummond Place, Carlton 3053 Victoria Australia - Pulped Factions (1996) - Western sensibilities - "a bulging backpack of myth and recollection": On Simon Schama's Landscape & Memory (1995) - Towards Anthologizing the Australian Pastoral Poem? (1996) - Reader, I Married Him [with Tracy Ryan] (1997)

  • The Australian's Review of Books edited by Shelley Gare, GPO Box 1462 Sydney 2001 New South Wales Australia - Towards A New Canon? [essay] (April 1997) - Laureates for Australia (Article, due July 2000)

  • BBC Radio (3 and 4 and World Service: essays and reviews, not commentaries) - On J.H. Prynne's Rich in Vitamin C (1999) - Multicultural Poetry in Australia (1999) - On Peter Porter's Selected Poems (1999)

  • Bloodaxe Catalogue 1998 - An Introduction to the Poetry of J.H. Prynne (with Rod Mengham)

  • Boundary 2 - Hybdridity and Hypermodernism ( 99 Poets/1999: An International Poetics Symposium, ed Charles Bernstein, boundary 2, 16:2, 1999)

  • Eureka Street edited by Morag Fraser, PO Box 553 Richmond 3121 Victoria Australia - Spirituality and the Avant-garde (forthcoming )

  • Five Bells Poets' Union, Sydney - How Free Is The Poet? (June 1998)

  • Fremantle Arts Review edited by Jane Cousins, Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle 6160 Western Australia - C-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-i-n-g an ad-hoc introduction to american language poetry, de-fiAntly not "idle babbling": any queries(?) please. Outside the manifesto. [republished in Five Bells] (1996)

  • Imagined Commonwealths: Cambridge Essays on Commonwealth & International Literature (monograph - Cambridge Commonwealth Series) edited by Tim Cribb, Macmillan, due late 1998 - Fens, Rivers, and Droughts

  • Imago edited by Philip Neilsen, University of Queensland Press & Qld University of Technology, GPO Box 2434 Brisbane 4001 Queensland Australia - Reception Poetry? [with Charles Bernstein] (Vol 10 No 1, 1998)

  • Kunapipi: Journal of Post-Colonial Writing PO Box 20, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire HX7 5UZ - Localities: Intercultural Poetics (Vol XX, 3, 1998)

  • Landbridge - anthology - Introduction (FACP, 1999)

  • The Language of Oysters (monograph) pub. Craftsman House, Sydney 2069 - A Juxtaposition of Essences [On the collaboration of poet Robert Adamson and photographer Juno Gemes] (1997)

  • The Observer 119 Farringdon Rd, London EC1R 3ER - On Alan Hollinghurst's The Spell - On Adam Thorpe's Pieces of Light - On Ethan Cohen's Gates of Eden - On Geoffery Hill's The Triumph of Love - On Frieda Hughes's Wooroloo - On The Penguin Book of Poetry from Britain and Ireland from 1945, and The Firebox from Picador - On Glen Maxwell's The Breakage - On Alfred Brendel's One Finger Too Many - On Thorpe, Durcan Garrison, and Carson - On Don Paterson - The Eyes: versions of Antonio Machado and Roger McGough - The Way Things Are, Viking - On Tom Paulin's The Wind Dog - On Alan Jenkins' Drift and Jo Shapcott's Selected Poems - On Tony Harrison The Laureate's Block and Other Poems

  • Overland edited by Ian Syson, 361 Pigdon Street, North Carlton 3054 Victoria Australia - Working With Coral Hull on Zoo (1999)

  • Poetry (Chicago) edited by Joseph Parisi, 60 West Walton Street, Chicago Illinois, 60610 USA - Towards A Contemporary Australian Poetics (CLXIX No 1, Oct- Nov 1996)

  • Poetry Review edited by Peter Forbes, The Poetry Society, 22 Betterton Street London WC2H 9BU - Idiosyncrasy and the Craft of Poetry: On Les Murray's The New Oxford Book Of Australian Verse and Peter Porter's The Oxford Book Of Modern Australian Poetry (Autumn 1997 Vol 87 No 3) - Breaking Down The Barriers (Spring 1999, Vol 89) - Interview with Peter Porter (Spring 1999, Vol 89) - Her Life Awake: On Jo Shapcott's Her Book: Selected Poems (Spring 2000 Vol 90 No 1) - International Regionalism and Poetryetc (Summer 2000, Vol 60 No2)

  • Salt edited by John Kinsella, C/- Churchill College, Cambridge CB3 0DS - John Kinsella Interviews John Tranter (A Salt Reader, 1995) - Interview with Ken Bolton (A Salt Reader, 1995) - Interview with Kevin Hart (Vol 10, 1997) - Interview with Robert Adamson (Vol 11, 1998) - Interview with Peter Forbes (Vol 11, 1999) - Interview with Coral Hull (Vol 11, 1999) - Interview with Alison Croggon (Vol 12, 2000)

  • Siglo edited by Martin Ball, GPO Box 252-82 Hobart 7001 Tasmania Australia - Spatial Relations (No 7, 1997)

  • Southerly edited by Elizabeth Webby, Dept of English, University of Sydney, Sydney 2006 New South Wales Australia - The Pastoral and the Political Possibilities of Poetry (Vol 56 No 3, 1996) - Literary Reputation and the Australian Canon (Vol 57 No 3, 1997) - On The Ghost Names Sing, Dennis Haskell, (FACP. 1997) - 1998.

  • Semtext [PLASTIC] (Prague) - The Wanderings of Cain: a reaction to Sidney Nolan's The Wanderings of Cain

  • Stand - Interview with John Tranter (New Series, Vol 1, No 4, 1999)

  • STRONG WORDS (Bloodaxe, 2000, book) - Poetics piece - Almost a dialogue with lyn hejinian: quotations and phantom limbs...

  • The Sunday Times 1 Pennington St, London E1 9XW - Review of Once An Australian and The Oxford Book of Australian Essays (May 1998)

  • The Long Poem Newsletter - The Long Poem, the Sequence, and the Concept Poem-Book (1998)

  • Thumbscrew edited byTim Kendall, PO Box 657, Oxford OX2 6PH - "Farther Off Than Australia": some Australian receptions of Sylvia Plath [with Tracy Ryan] (No 9, Winter 1997/98)

  • Thylazine - Interview with Mark O'Connor (Issue 1, April 2000) - Interview with Dorothy Porter (Issue 2, April 2000) - Interview with Lisa Bellear (forthcoming) - Interview with Anthony Lawrence (forthcoming)

  • Verse School of English, University of St Andrews, Fife KY16 9AL Scotland, and English Dept. College of William & Mary, Williamsburg VA 23187 - Interview with Peter Porter (Vol 13 Nos 2/3) - John Kinsella Interviews John Tranter ("Talking Verse", special issue, Vol 11 No 3/12 No 1)

  • Westerly edited by Delys Bird, Dennis Haskell and Ron Shapiro, Dept of English, The University of Western Australia, Nedlands 6907 Western Australia. - On Gig Ryan's Excavations - On Fay Zwicky's Ask Me - Drafts, Places, and Possible Meanings (Vol 41, 1996) - The Hybridising of a Poetry (Vol 43 No 2, 1998) [also in 99 Poets/1999: An International Poetics Symposium, ed Charles Bernstein, boundary 2, 16:2, 199) - A Patch of Ground (Vol 44 No 1, 1999) - John Kinsella Interviews Peter Porter (Vol 40, 1995) - John Kinsella Interviews Dorothy Hewett (Vol 41, 1996) - John Kinsella Interviews Bruce Dawe (Vol 43 No 1, 1998)

    John Kinsella as Editor

    Founding editor of Salt, a literary journal (1990-) Consultant editor for Westerly, a literary journal (University of Western Australia) Overseas (Cambridge) correspondent for Overland, a literary journal Editor of Stand (with Michael Hulse; UK) International editor of The Kenyon Review The Bird Catcher's Song (Salt, 1993) A Salt Reader (Salt, 1995) Australian double issue of Poetry (Chicago) with Joseph Parisi, Oct/Nov 1996 Localities: International Poetics (Kunapipi, Vol XX, No 3, 1998) May Anthology Varsity/Cherwell, Cambridge, 1999 Landbridge - anthology of contemporary Australian poetry (Facp, 1999; Arc, 1999) Prism - Australian special feature - (Canada, 2000) Special Australian Issue of Poetry Review (with Peter Forbes; UK) - April 1999; Anthology of Contemporary Innovative Poetry in English (with Rod Mengham; Arc, 2001) Special Australian Issue of The Literary Review (USA) due 2001 Catalyst - a Poetryetc Featured Poets anthology - Salt, 2000/2001

    Journals and newspapers that have carried poems, essays and reviews:

    Atlanta Review (USA); Artes (Stockolm); The Independent (UK); Cimarron Review (USA); Island (Australia); Poetry (USA); Times Literary Supplement (UK); Westerly (WA University, Australia); Meanjin (Melbourne University, Australia); Southerly (Sydney University, Australia); The Australian (Australia); The West Australian (Australia); Sydney Morning Herald (Australia); The Age (Australia); Adelaide Review (Australia); Paris Review (USA); Lettre International (Germany-Europe); The Iowa Review (USA); Sport (New Zealand); Imago (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) Grain (Canada); Windsor Review (Canada); Printed Matter (Japan); Siglo (Australia) (University of Tasmania, Australia); Heat (Australia) (Australia); Antipodes (USA); International Quarterly (USA); Landfall (New Zealand); Takahe (New Zealand); Scripsi (Australia); Nimrod (USA); Calapooya Collage (USA); Northern Perspective (University of NT, Australia); Poetry London Newsletter (UK); Australian Review of Books (Australia); Australian Book Review (Australia); Fragmente (UK); Verse (UK, USA); Thumbscrew (UK); Metre (Ireland); London Magazine (UK); Poetry Review (UK); Rialto (UK); The Kenyon Review (USA); Wasafiri (UK); Eureka Street (Australia); The Sunday Times (UK); The Glasgow Herald (UK) Obersver (UK) The New Yorker Triquartley (USA) Pequod (USA) Sulfur (USA); Talisman (USA); Prism (Canada); JAAM (New Zealand); London Review of Books (UK); Prop (UK); Poetry Ireland (Ireland); Jacket (Australia); Facture (USA); Fiddlehead (Canada)

    Anthologies that have carried material:

  • The Bloodaxe Book of Modern Australian Poetry (Bloodaxe, edited by John Tranter and Philip Mead, 1991, 1994)

  • The New Oxford Book of Australian Verse (OUP, edited by Les Murray, 3rd ed, 1996) The Oxford Book of Modern Australian Verse (OUP, edited by Peter Porter, 1996)

  • Summer Shorts (FACP, edited by Peter Holland, 1993)

  • Midday Horizon (Round Table, 1995)

  • Waltzing With Matilda (FACP, 1994)

  • Australia Poesia Contemporanea (Trice Editores, Columbia, 1997)

  • Oxford anthology of Australian poetry edited by John Leonard

  • New Blood (Bloodaxe, 1999)

  • Anthology of contemporary poetry from Etruscan (edited by Nicholas Johnson)

  • On Wings Of Song: Poems About Birds (Selected and edited by J.D. McClatchy, Everyman's Library Pocket Poets, Alfred A Knopf, New York, 2000

  • The Penguin Century of Australian Stories (edited by Carmel Bird, Penguin, 2000)

  • Australian Verse An Oxford Anthology, (edited by John Lennard; Oxford University Press, Victoria, Australia, 1998)

  • Family Ties, (edited by Jennifer Strauss; Oxford University Press, Australia, 1998)

  • Foil: defining poetry 1985-2000 (edited by Nichloas Johnson, Etruscan Books, 2000)

  • The Australian's Review of Books edited by Shelley Gare, GPO Box 1462 Sydney 2001 New South Wales, Australia

  • Sightings - edited by Dennis Haskell and John Kinsella - Poems for International PEN 62nd World Congress, Fremantle - Folio, 1995

  • marking the text: a user's guide - performance package by drew milne and john kinsella for the marking the text conference, trinity college, cambridge, 1999

    Interviews with John Kinsella

    Andrew Burke Interviews John Kinsella (Western Word, 1997?)

    Brian Henry interviews John Kinsella (Verse, 1998)

    Maria Vidal and Nuria Casado interview John Kinsella (in Multi -Culturla Voices, edited by Brian J. Worsfold, Dedal-Lit 1, University of Lleida, 1998; Southerly, Vol 59, No 3 & 4,Spring and Summer, 1999)

    Rod Mengham interviews John Kinsella (Atlanta Review, Vol VI, 2, Spring/Summer 2000)

    Ted Slade interviews John Kinsella (Poetry Kit, 1998)

    Michael Brennan and Tracy Ryan interview John Kinsella

    Glen Phillips Interviews John Kinsella

    Yves Louis interviews John Kinsella - The New England Review, 1995

    Brian Henry interviews John Kinsella was in Verse, Vol 15, No3/Vol 16, No1; 1998.

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