John Kinsella, Bernard Cohen, McKenzie Wark, Terri-ann White
Speed Factory

Fremantle, W.A. [Australia]: Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2002
422 p.

"Speed Factory is a many-genred collaborative work about war, AIDS, love, sex, untiring capital, cricket, dancing, toothache, border-crossings, books, writing and erasure.

And carrying all is speed - manufactured speed, speed along wires and airways, speed cooked up in dank kitchens, ballistic speed, speed under gravity. For all these are products of the Speed Factory.

Speed Factory presents four of Australia's most innovative and imaginative writers, Bernard Cohen, John Kinsella, McKenzie Wark and Terri-ann White, in game-playing, sense-making hyperdrive. " - From the back cover

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