Latest Swimming News, Famous Athletes and Swimming Techniques​

Who is John Kinsella?

John Kinsella (a former Olympic swimmer) shares the same name with John Kinsella poet of the same name who writes Australian migrant poems. John Pitann Kinsella, which is his name in full, was born on the 26th of August, 1952. He was born in Oak Park, Illinois and grew to make a name for himself as a competition swimmer, Olympic champion, and a world-record holder at swimming events.

At the age of 16, John Kinsella won the silver medalist prize in the 1500-meter men’s category at the 1968 Summer Olympics. His talent was first discovered by Dixon Keyser of the Hinsdale Golf Club, who was his first swim coach.

John Kinsella also won at swimming events at the nationals. He did not just stop at the first Olympics but went on to win the gold medal as a part of the winning US team at the 1972 Summer Olympics. They won in the 4*200-meter freestyle setting a world record of 7:35:78 at the final.

Kinsella continued to swim professionally after his graduation from Indiana University. He set a record for swimming the English Channel and was inducted as an “Honor Swimmer” by the International Swimming Hall of Fame. John also achieved the professional title of “World’s Professional Champion”. Consequently, his name received the highest number of bets in water sports betting. This phenomena was particularly seen in the best online casinos in Canada. But, it came as no surprise, because Canadian casinos are popular for their attractive online casino promotions, such as 300% on an initial deposit, which can be alternatively used for sports betting on player’s request.

John Kinsella currently resides in Illinois where he does not swim much anymore but watches his two oldest sons who also swim. Though his name can be confused with John Kinsella poet of Australian migrant poems, John Kinsella is a legend in the world of swimmers.

Competitive Swimming

News from Competitive Swimming World

The competitive swimming world has moved rapidly over the years and there is always news of new things about swimmers, races, and swimming events in general. Here are some of the highlights of recent news from the competitive swimming world:

  • Thirty young British swimmers contest in LEN European Junior Swimming Competitions to take place at Kazan

  • USA Swimming finalize Stroke 50s for World Championship swimming events

  • Swim England Pathway Coach Development Programme reopens for its second wave of application and first-year graduates hail the program as ‘insightful’

  • Adam Peaty prepares for World Championship after back-to-back golds in Rome

  • US Olympic Trials Lower Bowl Tickets almost sold out

  • Israel announced 11 Pool Swimmers Roster for World Championships

Most Famous Athletes and Competitions

Many athletes have made a name for themselves in various sports events like organized swimming events. However, there are some that stand out from the rest due to certain achievements in their respective fields. Here is a randomly selected list of six of the most famous athletes:

  • Virat Kohli – Cricket

  • Kevin Durant – Basketball

  • Tiger Woods – Golf

  • Roger Federer – Tennis

  • Conor McGregor – Boxing

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Football

There are also various competitions that these athletes participate in with many people around the world going to watch the games which include swimming events. You can also participate and win real money from the competition through online casinos. Many people who love these games enjoy them more because of the sports betting they can engage in and the real money they stand to win using casino bonuses. Sports betting is not the only place where casino bonuses are used. You can also play online poker without depositing. Go on and discover what are the pros and cons when it comes to playing poker for free.

Some of the most famous competitions and when they started are:

  • Olympic Games – 1896

  • World Championship – 1983

  • Universiade – 1959

  • Military World Games – 1995

  • South American Championships – 1919

  • Oceanian Championships – 1990

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Different Types of Swimming Styles and How to Improve Your Technique

Whatever the reason for swimming, it is great to know various swimming styles, even if all you use them to do is impress a girl at a swimming event.

The Front Crawl

Popular known as Freestyle, it is used at most swimming events because it is the fastest. All you do is lie on your stomach and propel yourself with a changing arm movement. Your pointed feet should kick out in alternating movements. You can take breaths timed with your strokes.


This swimming style is the slowest and it is used by beginners at swimming events. Your stomach to the water, you move your arms in half circular motions and your feet moves in a similar half circular motion from its position bent at the knee. You don’t have to submerge under the water in this style.

The Butterfly Stroke

This swimming style is advanced and more difficult to learn though it is the second fastest competitive stroke. You lie horizontally and use your arms to propel forward simultaneously and repeat. Your legs should also perform a dolphin kick, joined together and straight.


This swimming style is just a reverse of the front crawl. You move with your back to the water though. Your arms and feet move with the same motions of the front crawl. This style is recommended for people with back problems.